Buying & Selling – Children’s Consignment Events

ConsignmentEventsWho doesn’t want to save a buck? Coupons, rewards clubs and savvy sales are key when you become a parent. As mentioned before in my money saving, thrifty moms post, kids are expensive! In that article I suggested local consignment boutiques as a frugal option not only for buying but for selling as well.

If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve been hanging onto loads of baby gear and clothing with the distant thought that there may be addition to the family…someday. Here I am, 4 years after Ladybug arrived and still clutching her infant tub, clothing, high chair – the list goes on. The time has come for me to let go and move forward for these very convincing reasons:

  1. This stuff is aging. With age, the condition deteriorates and the models/styles become outdated. Why hang on to things just to watch them age?
  2. A little money goes a long way. Ladybug will soon need a new car seat along with other growing preschooler necessities. Time to budget!
  3. The likelihood of another baby in the future remains super duper slim. I know, my uterus weeps a bit as I type this, but it’s the truth and by ridding the house of some of this stuff, perhaps I can get some closure on that subject.

All of this has led me to the topic at hand – children’s consignment events. These events operate somewhat like a pop-up boutique, where moms like me can sell our no-longer-needed gear and items for a little cash as well as purchase other previously owned goods. Most of these boutiques run a 3-5 day course and house everything you can imagine for kids, babies and even moms-to-be. Clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, strollers…you name it, they’ll have it.


Everything you’re looking for for baby or kiddo for a fraction of the price! (Photo courtesy of Moo La La Boutique)

Aside from the obvious moms helping moms appeal, many of these events are also extremely charitable in the process. Take Moo La La Boutique Children’s Consignment Event located in California’s inland empire for instance. The owners/operators of this event donate unsold items to local organizations at the end of each event. This is a huge reason I personally have decided to join up and try my hand at consigning this year.

For a few years now, I’ve attended the Moo La La sale and walked away with some awesome deals, but had always been leery of actually selling at the event. It seemed daunting and I wasn’t sure that I could commit to the work required let alone let go of my baby’s stuff. But thinking of my daughter’s old clothes and toys going to a new home instead of rotting away in boxes, persuaded me to try it out.

Like most consignment setups, there is a percentage you walk away with and not the entire sale amount, which makes total sense if someone else is hosting this sale and assisting in getting the item sold. However, I learned that I could boost my percentage simply by volunteering to help with the event! A few hours of my time while networking with fellow moms seems like a sweet deal. And really, at the end of the day any money earned is a plus.


Birthday or holiday shopping for your little ones? Consignment events have you covered. (Photo courtesy of Moo La La Boutique)

Looking for a large consignment event near you? Check out this super helpful site, for a searchable database full of kids consignment events as well as kids resale shops.


Carrie & Matt Anderson and Amy & Tom Kelly own and operate Moo La La Boutique in Redlands, California. This friendship that started decades ago, is a great compliment to the Moo La La experience. (All info and photos courtesy of

The big sale will be held March 9th-12th, 2017 and I’m pumped! Who else is pumped? Click the links above for current sale location and times.