10 Things Getting Me Through The Final Month Of Pregnancy

Today, I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my second child — another BOY!  I am desperately hanging on to each peaceful moment of quiet time, sleep, and quality time with my family and friends; but at the same time, I am anxious to welcome this little guy into our family of 3! Although I have everything ready (bags packed, arrangements for my toddler, freezer meals prepped, etc.) because I was 9 days late with my first child, I do not expect to have my second this weekend. Plus, I have been 1 centimeter dialted for the last 3 weeks, with no progression.

It’s tough being in “limbo,” and feeling like you have zero control over the timing of your baby’s arrival — especially when you are a crazy control freak like me! Thank goodnesss I have the following 10 things getting me through these uncertain (and painfully slooooowwww) final weeks:

1. Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black – YESSSS! Thank you, Netflix, for releasing this season at such a pivitol time for preg-os like me. I am too damn tired and sore to do much of anything, and with all of my shows being on break until fall, vegging-out to OITNB when my toddler is sleeping, has been the best distraction for myself and my husband.

2. Pancakes – Move over, breakfast burritos! It’s ALL about pancakes these days! Whether I make them at home, or hit up a breakfast joint with a friend, these griddled goodies are just what I need to forget the fact that I am uncomfortable, irritable, and about to be a REALLY exhausted mother of 2 soon! Plus, I am helping my unborn child put on a few extra pounds before he makes his big debut. It’s good for everyone.

3. Arnold Palmers – One of those random pregnancy cravings, like the pancakes. I love making myself a refreshing afternoon ice tea/lemonade with just enough caffeine and sugar to lift my spirits, but not keep me up all night.

4. Celebrity Fantasy League – Oh yes, what I look forward to every year, Celebrity Fantasy League! Just like Fantasy Football, you choose a team of celebrities, and earn points for appearances in Us Weekly. The games go until September, so this fun little competition will also get me through the first 3 months with a newborn. This year, like last year, I am on a team with my dear sister, Kristin. We plan to dominate.

5. My toddler – Believe it or not, as exhausting as my little Bubba can be, he has kept me busy and distracted during these last few weeks. I am really savoring our quality time together, and trying to give him as much extra attention as possible. I have even booked-up our this week and weekend with plenty of fun play-dates and outings so I am not staring at the calendar wondering why baby #2 hasn’t made his debut yet.

My busy toddler6. My husband – I know, it’s sappy, but my husband is amazing. He truly understands how hard it is for me to grow a little human while caring for another little human, PLUS caring for him, myself, and the house. It’s a tough job physically, mentally, and emotionally, and he aknowledges that all the time. He is always offering to give massages, take Bubba off my hands, and scoop me up some ice cream. <3

7. Freezer meal prep – Thank you, Pinterest, and all of the awesome bloggers who provide easy freezer meal lessons for seriously yummy-looking food! I have passed the time this month by whipping up several meals, and stacking them in my freezer for when baby arrives. I never took the time to do this with my first child, but was lucky enough to receive a few frozen entrees from family and friends. This time around, I am loving the challenge, and feeling very prepared. Visit our Freezer Meals Pinterest board to see some of the entrees I have prepped!

8. My Snoogle body pillow – Thank goodness for the Snoogle body pillow!
I resisted purchasing one in the beginning, assuming I could just use 5 pillows to support my growing aching body during the 3rd trimester, plus, the pillow is $60. Alas, my husband pushed me to get one from Amazon — isn’t he awesome? — and I have been in love (and sleep a bit easier) ever since!

9. Nesting like crazy – Like the freezer meal prep, nesting has served as a fabulous distraction from waiting for the baby to arrive. My nesting started with baby’s stuff, and evolved into house projects. I get to cross things off my list that I have wanted to get done for the last year, but never had the time or patience up until now. That’s the beauty of nesting — finding the ability to stay motivated to actually finish projects, and then feel really proud of yourself for doing it!

10. Blogging – Truth be told, I have definitely hit some writer’s block during the middle and end of this pregnancy, eventhough I have a million thoughts and musings swimming around in my head. I think I had just been tired and overhelmed to write. Now, in my final week(s), I am feeling inspired to share everything! I am enjoying the feedback we receive through this blog as well as our social media sites. The sense on community has been overwhelmingly helpful during this time. So, thank you.

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