10 Things I Learned When Going From 1 Kid To 2


Holy cow! Little Dude is 2 months-old! Time flies when you are changing two sets of diapers–more on that later! Parenting 1 child is tough enough, but adding extra children to the equation definitely redefines the word “tough,” and forces us to dig up stamina, patience, and strength we never knew existed. I am writing this (and sipping Chardonnay) as I end a very trying day as a mother of 2 — can you tell? But don’t worry, this post is not intended to be a depressing rant about how hard it is to be a parent of more than 1 child–rather my observation of life’s changes up until this point. Here are 10 things I have learned from bringing baby #2 into the mix:

1. There are no breaks – Except for those rare hours when both kids are sleeping at the same time, of course. But even then, I am finally eating, showering, cleaning, pumping, or crying in a corner, so an enjoyable “minute for mom” is out of the question.

2. Someone is ALWAYS upset – I can’t win. I make Bubba wait, he throws a toy at me, I make LD wait, he screams his head off. Someone will always be waiting, that’s life…just try explaining that to an infant and toddler.

3. Makeup is overrated – I actually TRIED when I was a mother of 1. I put on a basic coat of makeup most mornings (especially covering my dark circles), but now, it’s a rare treat to leave the house with makeup. This would have really freaked me out 10 years ago, but now it’s the last thing on my mind. Kind of liberating, I suppose.

4. I can function on less than 5 hours of sleep – It’s awful, but I can function. What choice do I have?

5. Preschool was the BEST idea ever – I was unsure if enrolling Bubba in preschool early was the right choice — especially because I am a SAHM — but it has worked wonders for his speech delay, PLUS, I am getting much-needed (quiet) quality time with LD a few days a week.

6. It REALLY takes a village – I learned this when I had 1 kid, but BOY it has never been truer until now! I am now asking and accepting help in all shapes and forms. I ask more from friends and family — even my husband (who has been amazing, btw). Without the support from these folks (my “village”), I’d be lost.

7. I am always late – When I went from no kids to 1 kid, I felt like I could never be anywhere on time. Soon, I started learning to plan ahead, and managed to get back to that amazing punctual person I once was. Now that I have 2 kids, it’s over. I am rarely on-time now, and I hope the world learns to deal with it.

8. Kids are expensive – 2 health insurance plans, 2 sets of diapers and wipes…it really adds up! Better start saving for their college tuition now.

9. Outings are KEY – As exhausted as I am, I always have to find time for a car-ride outing. It mellows out the boys and myself, I can listen to music (even if it’s Bubba’s playlist), and just enjoy the change of scenery and accomplishing a task. Even if there’s a meltdown or diaper blow-out during the outing, it’s better than being stir-crazy at home.

10. My heart is so full, it may explode – All drama aside, I am so fulfilled being Mom to Bubba and LD. I look at them, and want to cry tears of happiness most days. I look forward to making memories as a family, and watching a bond grow between my sons. Yes, they will give me gray hairs before I reach 40, but I know that they will teach me patience and compassion, and the true meaning of love. <3



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