20 Reasons For “One And Done”


We are all guilty of the baby inquisitions and often on the receiving end. “When are you going to have a other baby?” A question that spews out of our mouths so haphazardly these days. We are surrounded by mothers of only one child, and women with none. Perhaps by choice, perhaps not. Before we continue asking women why they don’t have 15 children, let’s consider the possibilities.

  1. She never wanted children to begin with (had a surprise baby)
  2. Illness or medical issue prevents her from having more children
  3. Her husband is physically unable
  4. There are financial troubles
  5. They’re having marital woes
  6. She wants to focus on her career
  7. Parenting isn’t what she envisioned
  8. Her previous childbirth experience was complicated or difficult
  9. She doesn’t feel like a good enough mom
  10. She feels complete with only one child
  11. Hubby doesn’t want any more children
  12. She wants her body back
  13. Her child is high needs or special needs
  14. She feels too old
  15. She is a single mother
  16. Her one child is not ready for a sibling
  17. She has a chemical dependency
  18. She suffers from mental illness, depression or anxiety
  19. Too many family members in the household (in-laws, mother, nieces, etc.)
  20. One kid wears her out.  Enough said!

Most women will handle the baby question gracefully, but it can be awkward and uncomfortable.  I personally can relate to several reasons on this list…how about you?


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