7 Times You’ll Cheer For Poop

There is a saying that Minute for Mom co-creator, Lauren, and I have become all too familiar with as we’ve navigated our first 3 years of motherhood together – “It’s always poop.”

Ain’t it the truth? From the time they are born until sometime in their childhood, our children’s bowel movements become an excuse, a topic of discussion, a hinder, a nuisance, and sometimes even a joyful occasion.  Here are the 7 reasons you will actually be glad your kiddo has pooped!

  1. The first poop – That first dirty diaper change, armed with a fistful of wipes while trying to position the new diaper just right. The color, the odor, the tear of joy over this milestone.
  2. Whew, it finally happened! – When kiddos are constipated they are miserable, and so are we. Once they let it out, there is a wave of relief.
  3. Buried treasure – A piece of jewelry went missing and you know exactly where it went. Now comes the fun of digging it out of that pile. Thanks a lot, kid.
  4. The stool sample – Unfortunately, when kids come down with stomach bugs or viruses, doctors will sometimes request a stool sample. After junior goes number 2, you get to use the pooper scooper and vials provided by the doctor and play scientist. Fun!
  5. Keeping on schedule – You’ve got plans today and stopping somewhere for your tyke to drop a load is not on the agenda. If you can get your kid to poo before leaving the house, you’ll be walking on sunshine.
  6. Because…potty training – Many tots are anxious or scared to poop in the potty. It may take lots of coaxing and bribing, but once that first turd makes it into the bowl, you’ll be high-fiving and tweeting it out to the world!
  7. Before a swimming excursion – This one is pretty self explanatory. Poo in the pool is never a good thing. And no mom wants to be that mom whose crapping kid shut down the pool. Talk about embarrassing. So, if your child must poop as you are trying to head to swim lessons on time, by all means, let it happen!

All jokes aside, poop is truly an important topic when it comes to our babies and children. Understanding and keeping their tiny bodies healthy is a huge responsibility, so talking about bowel movements is totally normal. A few laughs over it, of course, are normal too.

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