Perfectly Portioned, Breast Milk-Boosting, Organic Freezer Oatmeal


When I returned to work after having our youngest child, I needed to be creative with my time and what I ate, so that I could maintain my breast milk supply.  Everyone talks about the benefits of oatmeal while breastfeeding, but the good stuff takes a while to make. That’s why I decided to make a large batch and freeze it in muffin tins to make what I like to call “Perfectly Portioned, Breast Milk-Boosting, Organic Freezer Oatmeal.” This recipe is delicious, and I have definitely seen a bump in my breast milk production!


Perfectly Portioned, Breast Milk-Boosting, Organic Freezer Oatmeal
By Julia Swanson

organic steel cut oats
1 tbs. organic coconut oil
organic honey

Let’s Do This!

1. Cook oats according to directions on the box using stove-top–I omit the salt and sugar.  Add 1 tablespoons of coconut oil for every cup of oats (coconut oil helps enrich your breast milk, and tastes great!)

2. Once the oatmeal is cooked and cooled, spoon the mix into muffin tins, and freeze for 3 -4 hours.

3. After 3-4 hours, pop oatmeal portions out of the muffin tins, and put them back into the freezer (in a freezer-safe bag or container).

4. Ready to eat some magic, low-calorie oatmeal? Simply warm 1-2 muffin portions with a small amount of water and organic honey, and enjoy!


Julia Swanson

Julia Swanson










My name is Julia and I am a native Californian working mother of two, who is always looking for the next best shortcut to a quick wholesome meal. My husband and I live in Southern California with our 2-year old boy, and his baby sister who is 5-months old.

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