Easy Crafting With Baby Boxes

Looking for a quick craft for your kiddo? Not only are these easy and cheap projects, they also recycle items we all have lying around. Come on, I can’t be the only mom that saves these boxes. There are tons of ideas that give them a new life as seen on our Pinterest board, but these projects are the easiest and most useful in my house.

My daughter absolutely loves to color.  But her crayon boxes ripped so fast, were difficult to put back in the box and constantly all over the place.  We needed a crayon box.  A baby wipe container was perfect.  But we couldn’t use it as is, it needed a personal touch.  So, with the help of photo and magazine cutouts, stickers, markers and layers of clear packing tape, Ladybug had her very own crayon box!


And while we are recycling stuff around here, how about a quick craft for those diaper boxes. You know, the ones that aren’t being packed with babies clothes that we want to save forever in the garage. Take the box and cut or fold in the sides (openings).  Then, wrap the box in paper: wrapping paper, butcher paper, paper bag…etc. Cut a medium to large size hole on one side.  This is the part the kids will see out of, sort of like a window. Now, let your kiddo’s imagination run wild.  They can tell you what the box creation is.  Ladybug began using hers as an astronaut helmet.  When she grew tired of that, it became a cave for her smaller toys to hang out in.  Here are some ideas for your imagination box:

  • Prop both side of the box on chairs and use the box to create a puppet show with anything you’d like (stuffed animals, action figures or puppets).
  • Place glow in the dark stars, planets, etc inside the sides of the box and drape a sheet over it.  When children look in, they’ll see space!
  • A washer or dryer. The hole is the opening where kids can load a couple of small items to pretend to do laundry.


The best place for craft inspiration is around the house.  If baby or toddler is into something, follow their lead.  Imaginative play and creativity is so very important and can be free or cheap as well.  You don’t have to be a Pinterest queen to create awesomeness. Stay tuned for even more art projects that anyone can do!


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