FRIDAY FUNNY: Best Wine For Bad Behavior

I always joke that I drink more often now that I am a parent. Maybe it’s partly due to all of my time at home…boredom? But mostly it’s been the only way to survive my 3 year old’s crazy days. A little wine to go with my  child’s whine, am I right, moms?

Mom blogger, Jennifer Todryk of Life as a Rambling Redhead, totally gets it and she shares these perfect pairings in, All the Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior.

I’ve chosen this one as my personal favorite:

Riesling pairs perfectly with an explosive poopy diaper.
If your newborn baby had an explosive bowel movement, leaving your hands literally sh*t-stained from the yellow substance we call “poop”, we suggest chugging a glass of Riesling immediately. Riesling is refreshing, tends to be sweet, and has a low acidity level. You’ve handled enough liquid that smelled of pure acid today, so kick back and enjoy this smooth, light wine that usually possesses the smell of apples. How lovely.”

So, whether you are hitting the bottle to celebrate or forget today’s events, we raise a glass to you – a perfectly paired glass.

All the Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior

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