FRIDAY FUNNY: Getting Dirty

Haven’t all of us parents said, done or at least thought of something raunchy or explicit when it comes to kids toys, shows or songs? It is an everyday occurrence in our household. Whether my husband and I are singing our own nasty lyrics to nursery rhymes or maybe sophomoric toy placement such as this gem my husband left for me to find, the innocent children’s items are tainted in our home.

Nothing is safe in this house…not even baby’s toys.

Why do we do it? Being overtired is one valid explanation. We tend to get goofy and silly when we are tired, which most if us are with kiddos under 5 years old. Also, I blame lack of adult interaction. We are acting out in an “adult” fashion after spending the entire day with baby, censoring ourselves.  Or maybe my hubby and I are just really immature.

As a mom, I have learned to try and curb my sailor mouth and inappropriateness as much as possible in front of my daughter. This has been easier for me since I had previously worked in customer service and with kids. Unfortunately, daddy is having a harder time with this. Most men are wired for dirty jokes and “R” rated humor, so it’s not a shocker. He needs constant reminders from mommy. So, I guess we are a work in progress.

Here are a few images I found floating around the web that prove we are not alone in our disturbing behavior:


Oh my! Now that’s a bit much.


Not sure what’s going on here, but it definitely isn’t innocent.


Clearly this is a design flaw, so how could someone NOT take advantage of this placement?

Check out last Friday’s funny Disney Drama post for another funny example of the fun we can really have with kid’s toys.

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