FRIDAY FUNNY: Humor In Being Mom

We can all use a little mom/pregnancy humor in our daily lives. Artist, Line Severinsen of Kos og kaos, depicts mom life through fun and very accurate cartoons. Check out these few favorites of ours:


New Years, Birthdays, any days…hard to sip on water while your non-preggo pals enjoy their wine.


Forget it. Flip flops, slippers and flats are your best friend when that belly gets big and those feet swell up.


Because we don’t already feel huge enough and we haven’t looked at ourselves in the mirror lately.(Cue the eye roll)


If you think you’ll still be able to prune your lady parts once you enter month 8 or 9 of maternity, think again! If you can’t see it, chances are you can’t shave it.


“This party is amazeballs! Now, please excuse me friends, I have to empty my jugs”

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