Goodbye, Hello!

1507604_10100195975984709_347407742_nAs we kick off 2014, which is sure to be filled with even more informative and interesting posts, we wanted to recap our first 6 months here at Minute For Mom.  For our fabulous readers of past and present, we are loading you up with links to our highlights and favorites of 2013.

New mom stuff – The first topics at hand seemed to be all of the things we wish we had known when entering mommyhood.  How our bodies would handle pregnancy, how we’d recover after labor and whether our L&D process would be a home birth or just a general wild ride.

New baby stuff – Where to begin…probably the easiest and yet most complex topics were those that related to newborns. Being a first timer, our momma worries are all over the map as we try to figure out how to handle our new bundles.  Breastfeeding issues and complications as well as sleep dilemmas and rough patches have been the most common and have been covered several times on our blog.  But with the hurdles came great celebratory posts as well such as triumphs and baby bonding.

Teething – I think it’s safe to say that the teething articles are always necessary.  Sure, our kiddos may or will soon have all of their teeth and these reads won’t be of use for them, but those days won’t be forgotten.  Teething sucks, period.  So far, we’ve covered tips and products to comfort the wee ones during this awful process.  And we will likely have more on this topic in 2014.

Special circumstances – Because life is full of unexpected twists and turns, there are always new stories to share. From personal obstacles with newborns to long term issues that affect the family, we have been privileged to share such heartfelt posts with you.

Good eats! – Being a busy and/or new mom doesn’t mean we can’t still whip up some yummy goods.  We were happy to post a couple of our favorite recipes a well as a few snack and appetizer recipes that are sure to please.  And don’t think we forgot about the littles.  Recipes for babies and kiddos will be featured even more this next year.

Odds, ends and in-between – Sometimes we opt for a different type of post.  Whether it be something to make you laugh or smile, or perhaps a piece about spouses or travel, there are so many subjects that connect to the new mom.

So, there you have it.  A recap of 2013 and taste of what Minute For Mom is all about.  2014 will be loaded with even more so be sure to stay connected, and leave feedback on what YOU want to read about.  We hope to continue to inform, create and inspire as we share this fun journey with our readers.  Happy New Year!



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