Goodbye Nap, Hello “Quiet Time”


The after-nap aftermath.

A while back, I shared my experience with my then 2 year old toddler’s dropped naps, and here is an update.

The naps for my now 3 year old still phase in and out, but are happening much less now.  For a while, she would get one every other day or twice a week. Now, she only naps maybe 1-2 times per week.  Most of these naps occur when Ladybug has had an interrupted night’s sleep or woke too early that morning.  But generally, we operate on “quiet time” nowadays.

What is quiet time you ask? Ours is time Ladybug spends alone followed by solo book time. I set up the room as I would for a nap – closed curtains, sound machine and a few plush toys in her bed with her. I snuggle her with a story just before I leave the room. She is never quiet. Singing, talking to her stuffed animals, reciting lines from a movie…no quiet. Then of course I get the “mommy” call (sometimes 20 times!) when she needs a drink of water, to go potty, to ask when quiet time will be over or just to get a hug.

Now, I was never a “cry-it-out” momma when it came to the sleep routine, so I can’t bear to simply tune out my child and lock the door. But, I am also not a pushover mom and not about to let her call the shots.  So, our quiet time is usually 45 minutes to an hour of Ladybug rolling around her bed, calling me in every 7-10 minutes. It’s hard to truly rest or get a lot accomplished with so many interruptions. Occasionally, she’s wet the bed or even injured herself by flopping around her bed too hard, so answering her calls is sometimes necessary.

As I mentioned in that previous post linked above, I was kind of excited about the no-nap situation.  I thought it was going to be so nice to have a wide opened schedule. Our quiet time is pretty flexible which is a huge plus in terms of planning, however, I do miss that true quiet time when Ladybug actually slept. Even an hour of real silence was magical.  Now, I use that broken up hour to clean house…boring! No more naps, showers or even phone calls during her modified nap time. But hey, I still see this as a time to reset. And the biggest reward is that my little night owl can’t stay up past 9pm when she hasn’t napped, so I finally get a quiet evening and time with my hubby.  It definitely eases the no-nap transition.

So, until Ladybug is in school, I’ll take what I can get.  Besides, when she heads off to school all day, I’ll miss having her around. Can any of you moms relate?

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