Guide To New Mom Gifts

If you are stumped on what to give a woman who is about to give birth, we’ve got you covered. It all begins during pregnancy, when we shower the mommy-to-be with gifts for her new baby.  And occasionally, she herself receives gifts as well. And so she should with all that she endures during that oh so special 9 months. There are plenty of ways to shower the momma-to-be.

Hospital stays can be short or lengthy depending on the delivery. Gift ideas for the new momma at the hospital could include: flowers, favorite snacks (especially foods she may have avoided during pregnancy), or maybe a robe or slippers for lounging in the recovery room. You shouldn’t bother with books or magazines though, as she will want sleep bond with baby while she is at the hospital.

New moms (even 2nd or 3rd time moms) mostly have needs upon arriving home from the hospital.  There are personal care items that can likely be gifted by very close friends or family members – typically moms themselves who remember the few things that gave them relief during post delivery recovery. Appreciated items may include witch hazel pads, maxi pads (the LARGE ones!), numbing spray and flushable cleansing wipes to name a few. Sure, most hospitals send mommas home with a few of these items, but not nearly enough to get through the first week or two at home. Toss in mouthwash or breath mints, dry shampoo, hair ties, and tissues (for those crazy postpartum hormones!) and you’ll have several quick fix products sure to make mom happy.

New mom personal care kit

New mom personal care kit

Maybe the self care package is a little to intimate to give, in that case, may we suggest the dining package? Frozen meals such as casseroles are a huge help for the new mommy.  Lasagnas, chicken bakes, you name it.  Meals that are filling and loaded with healthy, yet hearty ingredients will be immensely needed.

Make-ahead meals to freeze, making dinner for new parents a breeze!

Make-ahead meals to freeze, making dinner for new parents a breeze!

If you want to go the extra mile, throw in paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils too.  No dish duty for momma!

New parents do NOT need to worry about dishes! (Courtesy of

New parents should NOT need to worry about dishes! (Image courtesy of

Another example of a less invasive but equally effective gift is a grab bag.  A basket or bin filled with individual snacks, water bottles (or refillable sports bottles), magazines, mother’s milk tea (or any lactation aid) and any other personal touch that could help the new mom when nursing or camping out in bed.  Trust us, assorted goodies are always a hit!

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