Holiday Party Perks For Moms

Holiday Party PerksWho doesn’t look forward to warm holiday gatherings and events? Spending time with loved ones, visiting with coworkers, reminiscing with friends…all during the most magical time of the year. These are just a few good reasons to look forward to the holidays. Here are some hidden holiday perks for all the moms.

  • Food – With all of the hustle and bustle of parenthood, we tend to forget to eat or are just too plain tired to try. So, here is our chance to stuff our faces and savor food that is still warm, still fresh and effortless.
  • Get dolled up – Remember those hardly worn pumps you bought just before baby came along? Time to dust them off, throw on some mascara and lose the messy bun. You aren’t just a mama now, you’re a HOT mama!
  • Socialize…with adults – Ditch the “mom” talk for a couple of hours. Talk t.v., talk music, talk anything PG-13 rated and beyond for a change.
  • Cocktails – Enough said.
  • Room full of babysitters – If the party includes children and you are forced to bring yours, take advantage of the situation. There is a pretty good chance at least one friend or family member will entertain the kiddos allowing you to mingle as you please.
  • No housekeeping – Although most of us would insist upon helping with the after-party cleanup, it’s nice to know that the mess isn’t yours tonight. Sure you’ve got laundry to tend to back at home, but for now you are a guest, so take the night off.
  • Don’t forget photos! – Many of us moms are typically behind the camera, filling our photo streams of pictures of our kids. And when we do end up in a photo, we look like a big, hot mess. You’re dolled up for a night, so be sure to snap a few selfies. Whether you post them up for all to see or keep them to yourself, document the occasion.

We wish our fellow mommies a very happy holiday season. We hope you make the time to pamper yourself, book a sitter for the night and have a blast!

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