Is My Toddler Ready To Be Potty Trained?

potty training

I’m just gonna say it: I’m dreading potty training my son. At 25 months, we are facing the facts that he is showing signs, and have gone as far as introducing him to the training toilet, and even read him a book about going potty…but that’s about it. Our doctor thinks it’s time to get the ball rolling (as does my husband), but I’m not so sure.

At two, my son’s vocabulary is limited. Some days he tries to use his words, and other days he’s just not interested. This seems troublesome when it comes to potty training. Doesn’t he need to let me know when he needs to “pee pee” or “caca”? Other than that, I’d say he’s in pretty good shape for training, according to the limited research I have conducted online.

One HUGE sign (which has actually made my afternoons pretty frustrating) is the fact that he waits to have his daily poop right after I put him down for his nap. Seriously! I leave the room, and 7 minutes later, I enter the room and take in that unmistakable aroma. I then change him, and pop him back into the crib, at which time he screams for me to read to him all over again (like we do at the start of his sleep routine). I rub his back, tell him “no, it’s bedtime,” and listen to him cry for 5-10 minutes, until he eventually crashes out. This has been our nap time reality for the last month or so.

I have tried feeding him lunch earlier, so there’s more time between eating and nap (in hopes he’ll poop), and I have tried putting him down later. Both attempts made no difference. The boy likes pooping in the afternoon, in bed, alone. What do I do? How long will this go on? The good news is, nothing lasts forever with these crazy kids. Maybe this new habit will force me to potty train him.

What’s you potty training experience been like? Any tips or tricks?


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