It’s A BOY…Again!

Its A BOY...Again!Well, folks, if you can believe it, I have reached the half-way point of my second pregnancy! Where has the time gone? I also found out last week that we are having another BOY, and I couldn’t be more relieved. Does that sound weird?

I guess I wasn’t “hoping” for either sex, just a healthy baby; we felt that a second baby of any gender would bring joy and adventure to our little family. If it were a girl, it would be a TOTALLY new experience, we would have one child of each gender (and probably be done having kids), but would have to beg, borrow, and steal girl clothes. If it were a boy, we would know everything, need NOTHING, and eventually get our guest room back once the boys are old enough for a bunk bed (YESSSSS!).

I am so happy baby is healthy, and I am excited to choose a name and start planning! Strong, unique male name ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Please inspire us in the comments box below.

How Am I Feeling?
Update on the headaches: They are pretty much a distant memory! I don’t know if it’s the 400 mg. dose of magnesium I am taking, or the glorious second trimester, but I am feeling great these days. Of course, I am getting bigger, and chasing after a toddler has been a lot more difficult. I need to slow down and listen to my body. I am pretty sure I experienced Braxton Hicks all morning on Sunday, but once I got into bed for a nap, they disappeared.

Preparing Bubba To Be A Big Brother
Here are a few things we have been working on to prepare our toddler son for big changes:

  • Baby Doll – For Christmas last year, we purchased a small, life-like baby doll that came with a bottle, for Bubs. He has really taken to it, and although he doesn’t play with it all that often, when he does play with it, he is super gentle and sweet. He loves feeding the baby its milk — and even takes a pretend sip himself!
  • Big Brother Book –  A friend of mine recommended a GREAT book for preparing the LO to be a big brother, it’s called: I’m a Big Brother, and is written by Joanna Cole. Bubba loves this book — we read it at least twice a day. He now cradles his baby doll while we read it!
  • Talking About Our Baby – At least twice per day, I remind Bubba: there is a baby “in Mommy’s belly,” and I usually lift my shirt and encourage him to check out my growing bump. I also explain that when baby is here, he will cry a lot, and will need lots of love and help from his big brother. I like to refer to the baby as “Our Baby” rather than “The New Baby.” I am not sure this is sinking in yet, but I am confident it will click by the time baby arrives in June.
  • Acknowledging Other Babies – Whether the baby is on TV or at our gym class, I always point it out, and explain to Bubba that he or she is a baby, and we are going to have one soon too! I remind him of all the fun stuff he will get to do with his baby brother, and how much Mommy and Daddy will need Bubba’s help with the baby.
  • Encouraging Independence – For a while now, we have been encouraging our almost-2.5-year-old more independent, and I believe it makes him happy. Toddlers love to do things on their own, and it really seems to eliminate a handful of meltdowns — and my back pain! With baby coming soon, Bubba and I are slowing working on the following: getting into his booster seat on his own (with a step-stool), washing his hands in the bathroom sink on his own, getting into his car seat by himself (with a boost and a buckling from Mommy, of course), cleaning up the toys before bath time with minimal help, getting into the bath by himself, dressing/undressing himself, drinking out of a cup, walking together rather than sticking him in a stroller, etc. I know this will really come in handy for me when baby #2 is here, and like I mentioned earlier, he gets a kick out of being a “big boy.”

Got tips? Please let us know what worked for you!

This is my 20-week belly shot. Don't let this photo fool you, Bubba just really liked the lines on my shirt!

This is my 20-week belly shot. Don’t let this photo fool you, Bubba just really liked the lines on my shirt!

I am looking forward to our little family “addition”, and all the fun that comes with having two small children. I’ll keep you posted on our journey over the next 19.5 weeks!  🙂

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