Little Ones & UTIs

UTIUrinary Tract Infections.  They are miserable for us adults and even tougher for our babies. We don’t really think about our children dealing with UTI’s at such a young age, but it does happen. I say this with recent experience after my 2 and a half year old, Ladybug, battled her 1st UTI.

After days of fevers and other signs of infection, we landed ourselves in the Emergency Room at 1am. Daddy slept a few hours in the car in the hospital parking lot so that he’d be able to make it in to work in the morning, while my daughter and I waited to be admitted. I myself was running on no sleep and Ladybug only had about 2-3 hours of sleep prior to our arrival at the hospital. She refused to sleep as we waited, instead she played games on my phone, colored in her travel coloring book, stuck stickers all over her body – the works.  Hey, at least she was happy. After four hours and a battle to collect urine from my stubborn girl, she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.  Awesome.  I mean, on the upside, I’ve experienced my share of  UTI’s over the years and know that they can be fairly easy to treat and really common.  On the downside, I remember the pain and discomfort that it brought and now my sweet girl was going to go through that.

The symptoms and signs were right in front of me too.  A strong odor in her urine, grabbing at her crotch and asking me to change her diaper, rejecting the big girl potty…all odd behaviors that I chalked up to potty training.  Ladybug is not a big fan of the potty yet and I just assumed she was reacting to our recent attempts. But here we are, ten days later, wrapping up the antibiotics and getting back to normal. Yet I still struggle with overwhelming guilt. The symptoms were there for days, a week maybe, and I missed them. How did I let this happen? Was it my fault that it happened? I am aware that UTI’s can be caused by a number of things, many things that are in my control. It could’ve been the bubbles I put in her bath or that I hadn’t been making her to drink more water. It could even have been caused by Ladybug’s recent potty strikes. Whatever the culprit, I simply feel guilt and shame.

Best I can do to redeem my mommy pride is to educate her on the situation and keep a closer watch for risk factors that lead to it.  Being a parent is scary and uncertain at times, never knowing when our babies will be ill.  In the end, this will not likely be the only time in her life that she will encounter a urinary tract infection.

Are YOU in the know? Check out the symptoms and risk factors for UTI’s and stay one step ahead.


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