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Sisters, best friends, and now…MOMS!

In 1983, we became besties. Like most siblings, we had our fights through the years, but always remained close. In 2011, we both got pregnant! From that time on, our brains were consumed by all things Baby and Mommy, so we leaned on each other more than ever. In 2012, As if being a new mom wasn’t time-consuming enough, any minute we could steal was spent on the phone with each other–chatting while pumping, or video chatting while the little ones used our bodies as a jungle gym. It was time to take our questions and rants to the streets. By the “streets,” we mean a private Facebook group called the “New Mommies Circle.” Well, the group took a life of its own, and we were inspired to start a blog. So here we are!


Hi! I’m Kristin Speak, a working mom to toddler, “Ladybug”, in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. My current occupation allows me to work-from-home mostly. My days are are spent managing a gym facility remotely from home while also caring for little Ladybug. Any solo minutes I have are typically used for crafting, spending time with my hubby, writing and hanging out with my sis, Lauren Tuculescu.


41Hello there! I’m Lauren Tuculescu, an Orange County, California, stay-at-home-mom to “Bubba” and “Little Dude.” Right now, I’m taking a break from a rewarding full-time career in marketing and public relations to pursue a hands-on role as a SAHM. I do, however, freelance whenever possible.  Although I consider myself extremely lucky to be home with my boys, it is not as easy as it sounds! When I score a “minute for mom,” I stay busy volunteering as a member of the Junior League of Long Beach, cooking, making music with my former band-mate/husband, and contributing to this blog alongside my fabulous big sister, Kristin Speak.



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