New Life For Baby Gear

Crafty re-purposing!Feeling crafty? Ready to get rid of outgrown baby items? Not sure if you should register for things that baby may not use often? If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, this post is for you.

Sweet as it is, the generosity of friends, family and even lesser known acquaintances, when it comes to baby stuff, has become a bit overwhelming. Now that Ladybug is getting older, I’m finding several items that need to be packed-up and moved out. The biggest problem for me is the sentimental attachment to all things baby. While I have let go of many items so far, I still have too much stuff remaining. And it’s just going to continue to pile up as she grows. So, I’ve put together this list of ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle items before they take over the house!


  • Donate – I listed this first, as it’s ideally the best way to get rid of things and help others in return. However, if sentiment or financial struggles are factors, donating may not be the best option for you. Which brings us to the next one…
  • Sell – There are many ways to go about this. I’ve found selling online to be the easiest method. Listing items for sale on Craigslist, eBay, or even Facebook, is easy. The key is to take decent pictures of items and be honest about the condition. People respond fast! And be sure to always play it safe when in contact with buyers. Meeting up for the sale during the day in a crowded open area, and with a friend along, is recommended. There are just too many creeps out there! If you prefer face-to-face selling, yard sales or consignment sales at local second-hand boutique are also great options.
  • Stash – If you plan for another baby within a few years, a lot of the stuff can be saved for him or her. Large items such as highchairs, jumpers, activity mats, etc., can be stored and reused with ease. Things like car seats, on the other hand, are always changing to meet new safety standards and may need to be replaced for new baby.
  • Re-purpose – With the help of Pinterest, there are so many creative ways to reuse that baby gear. Everything from food jars to cribs, wipes containers to changing tables… The possibilities are endless! Check out some of these creative redo’s and more like it on our Pinterest board:


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