Perks Of The Work-From-Home Parenting Gig

UntitledI often complain about the perils of working from home while raising Ladybug. To say it is a struggle to focus energy and attention on my child, job and the household is indeed an understatement. Here I am, almost 4 years into the work-from-home-mom gig, and I’m still trying to strike a balance between all of my duties. I still worry that I am not good enough at any of my roles. And I definitely don’t have “me” time. Does any of this sound familiar?

With all that said, it’s time I halt my whines and complaints and share the positive side of my situation. There really are so many benefits to working from home for which I am truly fortunate to have.

  • Time with my child. How can I top that? I have the privilege of watching her hit her milestones and watching her discover the world. Granted there are days that she wears me down and makes me a bit crazy, I still wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • Pajamas and yoga pants all day are acceptable. This may be one of my favorite perks to this gig. Warm and cozy on the sofa with my coffee and laptop…it’s truly delightful.
  • Save money on childcare, work clothes, and gas. Seriously! Up until I left my office and entered the work-from-home position, I never shopped in the lounge wear department. Now, I only shop there, and it’s so much cheaper!
  • No sick day from work when baby is sick. Often, when kids get sick, a parent is forced to take a sick day, and sometimes unpaid. Plus, some daycare centers still charge for those missed days. Instead, I snuggle up with my sick baby and work while she rests.
  • Flexible schedule. Working around doctor appointments, workouts and other activities is a fantastic luxury I’ve come to love with this work schedule.
  • A role model to Ladybug. I like to think that I am showing my daughter a positive and strong female role. I want her to grow up knowing her mommy as more than just a mom.

As with everything in life, especially parenthood, these perks don’t apply to everyone. Many moms prefer to work away from home, and many don’t have the work-from-home option. This post is merely a shout out to others in my shoes, trying to juggle the many duties at home while also soaking up the benefits.

So, what is the biggest perk for YOU?

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