Potty Training: Keeping The Faith

One day, it hit me, and I learned such a vital lesson – never give up on your child. When I say give up, I mean lose faith or hope, have a negative outlook on the child’s future (let’s face it, mostly our own future).  Here I was, thinking woe is me, my child doesn’t want to potty train…she’s never going to do it…I’ll be fighting her and cleaning up pee forever! Here is the kicker, I was feeling these things on day 3 of potty training.  Yes, somebody should have slapped me silly! What a fool I was to think that a milestone so huge would be faced easily and quickly. And how selfish of me to rush my daughter through such an epic moment in her life.

I cried (literally, as I cleaned pee soaked items for the 10th time), I got frustrated with her, and I was terrified to take her away from home due to overwhelming anxiety of accidents that may occur. But then, we made it to day 6, and the mood had shifted dramatically. Maybe it was her new “big girl” undies and body awareness, maybe it was me, settling into the new routine. Whatever it was, it was working.

I, of course would never have given up on her as we tackled this challenge, but I sure treated her as if she would never get it and made her aware of my irritation through it all. I was completely unfair to her those first few days, and now, I’m beyond proud.

There surely will be accidents, and the looming poo in the potty issue (which she is nowhere near ready for yet), but I am finally ready for it all now. I have seen my negative attitude towards the process and it was ugly. My daughter deserves far better – she deserves my support. So I write this as a glimmer of hope to those starting or in the midst of what can be potty training hell, in hopes that they’ll see a light at the end. I urge others to try to keep a positive, uplifting attitude towards their kiddos and remember that it is a very new and different way of life for them. Take it day by day, switch up techniques, be creative and don’t give up!

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