I’m Pregnant Again! Here’s How It’s Different This Time Around…

Second PregnancyWell, friends, I am pregnant with baby #2! We are absolutely over the moon, but know that the real work starts in 6 months. As I enter my second trimester, I am finally ready to tell you all about what I have been going through, in hopes some of you can relate. Being pregnant with Bubba was one thing, but being pregnant while chasing after Bubba has been a totally different story. Here are just 10 ways my second pregnancy has differed from my first…so far!

1. I had morning sickness from the moment I peed on a stick, until about 10 weeks – Hate me, but I never felt sick during my first pregnancy. I found Jolly Ranchers and Sea Band bracelets, to be effective during the first 9-10 weeks, also, NEWS FLASH: eat, eat, eat! Most of the time you feel icky because your body needs something.

2. I have been eating total crap – Chalk-it-up to hormones, cravings, and laziness, but I believe I may have eaten burritos and pizza for about 10 weeks straight. Then I started craving vanilla ice cream, buffalo wings, pasta, and fries. Any produce or lean proteins during the first few weeks? Not likely. Fortunately, before my first trimester ended, I did start to crave juicy apples, hummus, certain veggies, and eggs.  In comparison, during my first pregnancy, I craved fruits, nuts, veggies, cheese, breads, and spicy mustard from the get-go–basically eating vegetarian subs for lunch daily.

3. I forget I’m pregnant – Seriously! With baby #1, all I could think and dream about was my growing baby; but sadly, this time around, I have to be reminded by constant urination, a bloating belly, and nausea. Too busy with Bubba, I suppose. I hope this new baby doesn’t hold a grudge.

I’m exhausted. REALLY EXHAUSTED – 7 words to sum it up: pregnant and taking care of a toddler. The first time around, all I had to worry my pretty little head over was showing up to work.

4. I’m pregnant during the holidays – Shopping, wrapping, shipping, visiting, cooking, baking, driving…and dealing with completely insane people. With Bubba, I was in my first and second trimester early in the year, so I was able to drink my way through the holidays like a normal person.

5. Chronic headaches – Anyone deal with this while pregnant? Since the beginning, I have been battling tension headaches at least twice a week, and have had to rely on Tylenol. Tylenol? I am beginning to think Tylenol is a sugar pill. It sucks. With my first child, I think I may have had 2 headaches in the first few weeks, but that’s it. Luckily, my doctor believes that taking magnesium at night will help. Fingers crossed!

6. I bend the rules…a little – I was a no-caffeine to half-calf kind of gal the first time around. I also stayed the heck away from deli meats, soft cheeses, and sushi. While I am still careful of what I ingest (risk-wise) during this pregnancy, I have been known to shrug when feta cheese accidentally wanders into my salad, and I typically drink 1 cup of fully-caffeinated coffee daily. Sushi might stay on my “no-no” list, only because I have ZERO interest in it at this time.

7. My Pinterest account is getting a little dusty – During pregnancy #1, I pinned until the cows came home! I had nursery decor idea boards for both genders, registry boards, and even lists on potential names. Today? Not so much. All I can say is that if this kid is a boy, I will be set!

8. I’m a total procrastinator – As I stare at an room lined with boxes of Bubba’s old stuff, guitars, amps, and other random items that are too precious for the garage, I realize that I have my work cut out for me. With Bubs, I believe I had a theme, a cleared out room, and lots of motivation by this time. Also, as you may have noticed, most of our posts in the last couple of months have been written by my awesome sister — picking up the slack for a tired and unmotivated preg-o, who has been DYING to blog about what’s really going on with her!

9. It took us longer to get pregnant – Bubba was conceived almost instantly. This little one took us about 5 months. I know the average 30-something woman takes about 6 months to a year to conceive, so I am not complaining. It was the longest 5 months of my life, however.

10. I’m not working – This is huge! Now that I am a SAHM, and Bubba is in preschool 3 mornings a week, I truly have time to rest, go to doctor appointments, and get things done. Best part is, I will not have to deal with work travel, work stress, or maternity leave and disability paperwork and details. This time around, there will be no confusion about my career path, or guilt for wanting to stay home instead of returning to work.


  1. Sarah Keller says:

    ohhhh girl! I totally craved boneless buffalo wings *and* icecream. Not at the same time though. Buffalo would in turn give me such bad heartburn that I’d vomit but I wanted it so badly I’d eat it anyway! LOL

    • Lauren says:

      Sarah — that’s hilarious! I loved spicy foods the first time around too, and I also had major heartburn, but it wouldn’t top me! LOL.

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