This Is Our Life…Right Now

Been up since 4:45 am to feed 4 month-old Little Dude, followed by a visit to 3 year-old Bubba’s room to help him “pee-pee in the potty” and cuddle him back to sleep (he was very emotional, and only wanted Mommy, of course). Just as my head was about to hit the pillow at 5:45, the baby decided he wanted to party (thank you, 4-month sleep regression/wakeful period), and fussed for Mommy to hold him and/or give him attention as he coo-ed, giggled, and blew raspberries. Too cute to ignore. I dared to glance at the clock, it’s now 6:30, I was able to nurse the baby just enough to put him back to sleep (not a habit I’d like to create, but desperate times, right?). I close my eyes for a few minutes and then Bubba’s monitor screams: “Mommy, Daddy, it’s time to wake up!” Nice. The hubby (who was also up several times in the night) rolls out of bed and takes our 3 year-old downstairs to start his day. I reluctantly follow, leaving LD to snooze (lucky kid), and together, my hubby and I get Bubs ready for school.

This is our life right now.

Prior to the 4:45 am wake up, my husband and I had both been up several times to comfort Bubba when he had a bad dream and help baby LD find his Paci, and remove his chunky little leg from between the crib slats. Going to bed early helped, but shutting my mind off and not having anxiety about wake-ups proved to be difficult. Needless to say, we are exhausted. Total zombies.

Yes, this is our life right now.

I think we forgot how much sleep we lost the first time around, and all of this kinda snuck up on us. After months of colicky nights, Bubs started sleeping through the night around 6 months, and was a pro at the 12-hour stretches–which was awesome! Now, he is 3, and with potty training, anxiety over big changes (hello, new baby brother!), dropping his nap, and age-appropriate bad dreams, he has a hard time going to bed and has been waking often. Our 4-month-old slept like a champ for the first 3 months (we got cocky thinking we hit the jackpot), but is now in the throes of the “4-month sleep regression.”

But…this is our life right now.

One of the first posts I penned for this site was This Too Shall Pass — a mantra I find saves me from losing it during these rough patches. Nothing lasts forever with these kids (bad or good). We just have to ride it out, get lots of sleep, stay away from booze (I miss you, dear friend!), drink lots of coffee (I love you), and stay united and positive.

*Hugs* to all the sleep-deprived parents out there! This is our life right now, but this too shall pass.

Moments like this make it all worth it <3


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