Top 5 Things Destroyed By Teething


Teething is a commonly rough time for baby and mom. A baby’s temperament, health and habits are all too often affected by the slow growth of those pearly whites. Sometimes, teething signs are all there, but we just can’t see them. We give our tots medicine, teething toys, frozen cloths, and pretty much anything that will sooth those tender gums.  And at times, when nothing makes baby happy, we give in to just about anything that will distract them for a few calm moments.

Here are top 5 things destroyed by teething babes:

  1. Books – bite marks, chunks missing and mushy, slobber-soaked pages will ruin pretty much any book.  Almost every book Ladybug owns has been attacked by her tiny teeth.
  2. Clothing – older babies, such as my 16 month old, figure out how to lift the shirt into their mouths to chew.  And how can you tell them “no” when it is helping them cope, right?  So you end up with a few holes or wet shirts…big deal.
  3. Plush toys – believe it or not, fur will not detour a teething child.  And chewing furry friends means hair balls in their mouths, yuck!
  4. The crib – many moms (and dads) can relate to this one.  That once new, gorgeous crib,  now has the markings of a small beaver…or a teething child.  Obviously furniture can be replaced or possibly refinished, but it’s still a bit depressing to look at.
  5. Nipples! – yes, for nursing mommas, the nipples become targets  for those pint sized chompers.  It is important to face this issue head on with something like a “no, that hurts mama”.  Soon, baby will learn that nipples are for milk only.

The five things we have listed here are merely from our own experiences.  The common theme here is that while babies are going through this process, they are looking for any relief.  It is important that we understand this when random items are being destroyed by slobber and bite marks.  It is our responsibility to make teething items accessible and pack away things that we want to preserve, even if just for a short time.  Lots of love and patience is ultimately what gets the entire family through the teething saga.  Good luck Mommas!

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