Tummy Time Talk


When reading about tummy time in all of our mommy guides, it sound relatively easy.  Place babies on their tummies on a blanket or play mat and there you’ll have it…tummy time.  What we don’t know until we start is that not all babies like tummy time.  My Ladybug did not like it at all!

I felt good about beginning these necessary muscle strengthening exercises.  That is until I started them. Ladybug had been supporting her head from early on, so I didn’t think tummy time would be an issue.  But as I would soon find out, most babies aren’t big fans of the exercises. As a new mom, my first instinct was to stop her sad cries and end the tummy time session. And sometimes I did. But over time, they did get easier.  The more she had to distract her the better.  A mirror, toys, mom and dad – soon Ladybug was okay with the sessions.

Some babies may take to it better than others, and the key take away here is the importance of these exercises.  Here are a few tummy time facts:

  • Promotes the development of strong head, neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Can prevent positional plagiocephaly, also known as the back of baby’s head becoming flat.
  • Kicking, flailing, grasping…fine and gross motor skills encouraged by tummy time.
  • Research suggests that babies tend to start rolling over, pushing up and sitting without support faster as a result of tummy time.

More information on how and when to start tummy time exercises can be found here.

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