Welcome, Fabulous Fall!

fallfabWhy do we love fall so much? Aside from the obvious pumpkin flavored everything, cooler temps and festivities ahead, fall just might be the best season for mom and baby…and here is why.

Let’s start with an obvious perk for moms – sweater weather. Yep, that stubborn pooch or muffin top will be perfectly tucked under those sweaters for a few months, yay! Let’s face it, sucking in our gut and feeling pasty, flabby and downright gross in shorts and tanks throughout summer is so exhausting. Bust out the comfy clothing, boots and scarves for a confident and relaxed feel. And since we will be covering up our bods, we can ditch the leg shaving (woot woot!) and even let our roots grow a bit with all of the hats and cute hair turbans we can wear.

As for infants, this weather may be chilly, but venturing out into the crisp air for a few minutes here and there will do a baby good. If baby is at an alert, looky-loo stage, a brisk stroller walk in the lovely fall scenery will be perfect. And no worrying about protecting baby from heavy sun rays which is another bonus.

We can adorn babies in crocheted hats that our great-aunts made for them, and bundle them up in the sweetest little footie pajamas. We’ll watch our tots experience their first rainy day in aw and wonder. Baby-wearing will be so much more enjoyable and comfortable when we aren’t dealing with boob sweat from the high temps and body heat.

There are so many fabulous fall perks for mommies and babies, so go out there and enjoy each and every one!

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