What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

NYE with Kids

Let’s be honest: once you have kids, the holidays are never the same. Especially the “fun” holidays! Over the last 3+ years, I have lost enthusiasm over holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Even if we are get a sitter, we still have to wake up (hungover) at 7 a.m. to be Parents again — and hangovers and kids don’t mix well.

It may be the end of an era, but it’s not the end of the World — or the end of memorable fun. If you are motivated to plan a NYE to remember (with the kids), here are a few awesome ideas:

  1. Host a small kid-friendly NYE party – We have done this twice now, and it’s been awesome! We host 2 or 3 families at our home, bust out the appetizers, adult beverages, and board games, while the kids play (and eventually fall asleep). Last year, our friends came over with their kid already in PJs and asleep in the stroller! Miraculously, the toddler stayed asleep the whole time they visited. Talk about luck!
  2. Cruise for holiday lights – Warm up some cocoa, pack some snacks, and cruise for Christmas lights! If you did not have a chance to check out those legendary decked-out houses in your town, this would be a great night to take a family drive! Yes, the holiday season is over, but most folks leave lights up until New Year’s Day. Try to have an early dinner first, so this can be a relaxing (non-rushed) outing. Not only will the drive be relaxing for you, but it will most likely mellow-out your little one(s) too. Once you get home, you can get them off to bath and bed, and settle in for some Times Square action and a drink (or two!).
  3. Family slumber party – Set up the living room with sleeping bags, pillows, and cozy blankets, and dress in the coziest PJs! This NYE celebration calls for kid-friendly games, making resolutions, snacks, and movies…and of course, watching the ball drop. But don’t worry, West Coasters, you can watch the ball drop on the East Coast at 9 p.m., and still get some much-needed rest.

Have any ideas to add to this list? We want to hear about them!

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

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